Posted by: transdomo | November 5, 2009

Nordex celebrates groundbreaking for wind turbine plant



Nordex USA, Inc., a leading manufacturer of utility-scale wind turbines, today held a groundbreaking celebration at the construction site of its $100 million manufacturing facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas. At the event, management presented its vision for a renewable energy future, as well as details on plans to hire 700 people by 2014.

The first phase of construction began at the 187-acre site in Craighead Technology Park in late July. Production is scheduled to begin in mid 2010. The Jonesboro operation will be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) producing one of the largest classes of wind turbines in the world, the 2.5 megawatt N90 and N100. Each of these utility-scale turbines is capable of generating enough renewable energy to power about 700 American homes.
Nordex is already seeing a pick up in the market. It recently completed the 62.5 megawatt “Highland” wind farm in Pennsylvania and is working on further projects.

Nordex is one of the fastest growing wind turbine producers, operating in 18 countries and employing 2,200 people. The company’s global headquarters is in Hamburg, Germany Nordex AG attributes much of its profit growth to the US market.The US accounted for 12 percent of the company’s global sales, up from roughly one percent in the previous year.


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