Posted by: transdomo | September 22, 2009

Solar Tour Boat Launched in Berlin

Solon SE

Solon SE

Germany tourists will soon be able to take sightseeing cruises on the river Spree and nearby lakes in Berlin, aboard a new solar-powered passenger ship, the first of its kind in the city.
Berlin Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit ceremonially christened the ship Solon, on August 12 in Berlin-Köpenick.
The Solon is an Aquabus C60 catamaran-type boat with room for up to 60 passengers. Solon is named after the Berlin-based company, Solon SE, which manufactured the 24 solar modules installed on the roof of the boat.
‘The Aquabus proves that solar technology is employable in a multitude of ways and that it is possible to conduct inland waterway navigation with even lower emissions.’ Wowereit said, according to
The Berlin-based boat manufacturer, SolarWaterWorld AG, also operates the world’s first solar charging station for solar powered boats in Berlin-Köpenick.

Source: Young Germany
Picture: ©obs / SolonSE.jpg

© Flavia Westerwelle

Klaus Westerwelle
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Greenville, SC 29607
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