Posted by: transdomo | September 18, 2009

SIAG Schaaf Industrie AG Acquires Aerisyn L.L.C

On Thursday, August 20, 2009 SIAG Schaaf Industrie Aktiengesellschaft with its headquarters in Dernbach/WW has taken over an existing tubular-steel plant by “signing and closing”. The plant is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA and produces wind turbine towers for the North-American market from now on.

Production at full capacity is almost 100 segments or 250 towers; this full capacity shall be reached by the middle of 2011. The company will employ approximately 240 employees at the location Chattanooga and will therefore provide new jobs.

At the initial stage, SIAG has taken over 70% of the SIAG Aerisyn LLC., through SIAG North American Holdings, Inc., with its location in Dover, Delaware. A full takeover of the remaining 30% shall be completed by 2012.

“We have been busy for a long time with constructing a production location in North-America and we have taken an important step further by the takeover of Aerisyn in Chattanooga. Besides the location in Chattanooga, on which Volkswagen is also building a new production location, we are also planning to construct a further production facility in the Midwest of the USA. The necessary discussions will be directly held from Chattanooga. We have taken this step to serve the German and European plant manufacturers with the same quality and delivery liability within the North-American market as they used to receive from Europe. As a supplier it is our aim to follow our costumers to the growing markets of wind energy,” commented by the CEO Mr. Rudiger Schaaf.


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