Posted by: transdomo | September 9, 2009

German photovoltaic company MAGE Solar GmbH expands to the U.S.

‘Daily new energy’ – such is the mantra that powers Norbert Philipp’s life in private as well as in business. It is also the slogan of MAGE SOLAR Inc., the newly formed subsidiary of the Germany based MAGE SOLAR GmbH.

MAGE SOLAR GmbH specializes in the sale of high-grade photovoltaic installations. Potent branded inverters as well as its own branded installation systems complete the product portfolio of this solar systems provider.
Norbert Philipp – CEO of MAGE SOLAR Inc. with headquarters in Utah – stresses: ‘We bring a tremendous amount of experience to this business.’
For decades the international MAGE Group combines competence in the field of renewable energies with high-quality roofing technology and innovative fastener solutions.
The American photovoltaic market offers enormous opportunities for everyone involved. Many clients have taken notice of the immense savings potential provided by solar power and they are looking to establish a secondary income source for themselves.
The high demand for solar power systems also reflects positively on the job market. As a result of this expansion into the US market the company will hire many professionals mainly in the fields of distribution and technology.
With this expansion MAGE SOLAR® will continue its success story on the American continent.
Germany’s MAGE SOLAR GmbH is located in Aulendorf, Germany.

Mage Solar

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