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Earnings & labour costs in Germany and EU

2008: Earnings in Germany and labour costs in an EU comparison

A full-time employee in industry and services in Germany earned a gross EUR 41,509 on average in 2008. That was 2.8% more than in 2007. In the new Länder, the increase in earnings (+3.0% to EUR 30,151) was slightly larger than in the former territory of the Federal Republic (+2.8% to EUR 43,310). Employees in eastern Germany thus reached 70% of the earnings level in western Germany.

The increase in earnings in 2008 was by 0.2 percentage points larger than the increase in consumer prices (+2.6%). However, not all groups of employees benefited equally. In manufacturing (+2.3%), in health and social work (+2.4%) and particularly in hotels and restaurants (+1.7%) real losses were recorded. In the other economic branches, the trend of earnings was higher than that of prices. The largest increases in earnings in 2008 were recorded for financial intermediation (+4.6%) and for mining (+4.4%).

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland

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