Posted by: transdomo | August 13, 2009

Brew lovers can help create cleaner energy

Brewery / Source: Wikimedia commons/ Credit: Antoine Taveneaux

Brewery / Source: Wikimedia commons/ Credit: Antoine Taveneaux

Source: Wikimedia commons / ©Antoine Taveneaux

The German researcher, Wolfgang Bengel, mulling over the growing problem of brewery waste in Europe, designed a system to recycle spent grains and wastewater to produce energy that can fuel the beermaking process.
Wolfgang Bengel, the technical director with German biomass company BMP Biomasse Projekt, has developed steam boilers that safely burn the spent grain left over from brewing beer. In the process, he and his partners also created a system for an effective anaerobic (oxygen-free) treatment of waste water from breweries.
Also involved in this project where the German firm INNOVAS, a biogas plant specialist, BISANZ, an engineering company, and Adato, a Slovakian industrial machinery firm specialized in boilers for waste heat and cogeneration plants.
Together these partners set up a test plant and contrived a system that enables breweries to treat the complete waste stream, while turning it into energy and adhering to European environmental standards.

BMP Biomasse

© Flavia Westerwelle

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