Posted by: transdomo | July 15, 2009

The flying helicopter car



Dutch police and firefighters will be equipped with flying helicopter car from PAL-V by 2012.

The Dutch company PAL-V presented in May 2009 their prototype of a flying car. The flying car is a hybrid vehicle, which can be transformed by means of build in rotors from an automobile into a helicopter. ” We are planning to market and sell the PAL-V in early 2012″, said Managing Director of PAL-V Europe. It was said, that the small car with three wheels resembles a driving performance like a motorcycle.

To be able to fly the vehicle will extended its rotor blades and will have a maximum flight altitude of 1,500 meters / 4900 feet, below the limit for commercial airlines. The maximum speed will be about 200 kilometers / 124 miles per hour – both in the air and on land.
According to the developers just in a few years flying cars might be a reality in Europe.
But before these vehicles can be sold to the masses the authorities for road and air transport will need to create general rules for the use of such ‘air cars’.


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