Posted by: transdomo | May 8, 2009

Europe’s largest construction site

“Hafencity Hamburg” – Port city of Hamburg is Europe’s largest construction site. A new urban development zone “Hafencity Hamburg” arises in a part of the former Port of Hamburg where only cold storages, warehouses and offices once stood. The 157 hectare site is located between the historic ‘Speicherstadt” warehouse district and the river Elbe. This new development will provide Hamburg’s inner city area more space to grow and expand and even extend the downtown area of Hamburg by 40 %.
The new city’s cosmopolitan mix will be composed of impressive skyscrapers, expensive condos, offices, a hotel, elementary school, concert hall, International Maritime Museum of Hamburg, Science Center and Theater, and the HCU HafenCity University.
The “Hafencity Hamburg” Port City is currently Europe’s largest construction site and considered the most “outstanding urban development project” of the European continent. The development of the entire area will continue until 2020-2025

Some facts:
Total area: 157 hectares
800 meters distance to Town Hall
Expansion of Hamburg’s city centre by 40%
Private investment: approx. 5.0 to 5.5 billion euros
Public investment: approx. 1,3 billion euros


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